Huddart Parker Limited

 “Huddart Parker’s” corporate life began in 1876 following more than two decades of trading activities by its founders. Incorporation as a public company was in Melbourne in 1912. A number of its vessels went under requisition during the Great War: Nairana as a seaplane carrier, Zealandia and Ulimaroa as troopships, Hebburn as a stores vessel, Coogee as a minesweeper. Wimmera was lost to a mine between Auckland and Sydney in 1918, with twenty-six of its crew. Zealandia carried ANZACs’ (newly acquired) families from Engalnd to Australia from late 1918 to early 1919.

Twenty years on, the Second World War commenced with Huddart Parker’s ocean-going fleet comprising nine ships: All participated directly in support of the deployed armed services.



Gross Tons

In Service

Yarra 1907 2140 1907-1946
Zealandia 1910 6660 1910-1942
Goulburn 1915 2363 1915-1955
Corio 1919 3346 1926-1951
Colac 1920 3341 1926-1952
Westralia 1929 8108 1929-1960
Wanganella 1929 9360 1932-1961
Adelong 1935 3577 1935-1967
Barwon 1939 4239 1939-1969

Zealandia, already a veteran, was in June 1940 requisitioned for trooping and re-supply duties but on 19 February 1942 was lost to Japanese bombing in Darwin. Westralia’s requisition occurred in November 1939 with conversion to an Armed Merchant Cruiser, later to a Landing Ship, Infantry and later still as a troopship. Wanganella was requisitioned as a Hospital Ship in May 1941 and at war’s end brought released prisoners-of-war back to Australia prior to return to owners late in 1946. Barwon survived a submarine attack (first thought to have been shelling) off Gabo Island on 4 June 1942.