James Patrick & Company Limited

 “James Patrick” owes its origin to a master mariner of that name who, arriving in Australia in 1900, built up a coastal trading fleet through the 1920s and 1930s.

As the Second World War started, the company had four ships, one of which was replaced promptly in 1940-1941:



Gross Tons

In Service

Corrimal 1919 1140 1919-1943
Cardross 1919 1876 1935-1940
Carlisle 1919 1912 1935-1956
Caradale 1921 1914 1937-1958

Cardross (III) (b.1919 gt.2515 svce.1941-1954) was the replacement mentioned earlier.

Caradale survived a torpedo strike on 12 May1943 off the New South Wales coast, the torpedo failing to explode. (James Patrick’s fleet was augmented in 1946 by the Culcairn, formerly the Anshun which had been bombed and sunk alongside the Milne Bay wharf during the war years.)