An Ally: USA

 Allied Fleets in the Second World War
& Indian/Pacific Theatre

Ships from a number of countries assisted the Australian-based logistic effort to repulse and eventually overcome the Japanese aggression in the Asia/Pacific area.

The greater number came from the collective support provided by New Zealand, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Norway and the United States of America.

In addition to the great supply and maintenance capability provided by the United States' massive Liberty ship building program, a major contributor in all theatres to the Allied forces' victory, the Australian Government in 1942 recognised that success in the inter- and intra-islands campaigns to repulse Japan’s incursions would demand the use of small ships.

It authorised the embryonic Small Ships Section of the United States Army’s Services of Supply, to locate and mobilize the maximum number of suitable craft along the Australian coast. It appointed Burns, Philp & Co. Limited, Sydney as managing agents, for overall administration, crew recruitment, maintenance, repair and supply.