Illawarra & South Coast Steam Navigation Company

 A long-time operator of intra-state ships, its forbears dating back to 1839, particularly along the New South Wales south coast, “Illawarra Steam” served numerous communities unreached by rail.

The company started the Second World War with five ships:



Gross Tons

In Service

Bermagui 1912 402 1912-1952
Narani 1914 381 1914-1950
Bergalia 1925 548 1925-1953
Cobargo 1929 860 1929-1953
Kianga 1921 338 1933-1948

Three ships became “H.M.A.S’s” as minesweepers: Bermagui 1939-1946, Narani June1940-1945 and Kianga September 1940-1946. Cobargo preceded by about three hours the Japanese midget submarines entering Sydney Harbour in search of ship targets on the night of 31 May 1942.