Colonial Sugar Refining Company Limited

 A major participant in the Australian and Pacific sugar industry, “C.S.R.” operated its own ships, particularly suited to the bulk sugar trade. During the Great War, Rona (the first of that name) had been requisitioned on completion of building in March 1918 and operated as HM Transport Y2205 in Mediterranean and Asian waters.

At the beginning of the Second World War it had two ships, with one more joining them as the war progressed:



Gross Tons

In Service

Rona 1918 6205 1918-1956
Fiona 1933 3454 1933-1958
Moamoa 1937 554 1941-1946

As well, Tambua (gt.3615) was under construction in 1939.

Rona participated in the Allied armed forces' resupply program between Australia and Fiji, while the Royal Australian Navy utilised Fiona, based in Darwin, as a Stores and Water Supply ship.    Moamoa (a former Burns Philp vessel, owned by C.S.R. from February 1941) was requisitioned by United States forces late in 1942 for the duration, as a supply ship for Milne Bay-based Motor Torpedo Boats. Tambua, requisitioned on building completion, was based in Colombo as a Stores and Water Supply ship for Royal Navy vessels and was handed to her owners in 1946.